Various Artists - FTP003

Various Artists - FTP003

Lobster Records


12" Vinyl

For the third installment of the FTP series, the tracks twist into darker genre territories.

The compilation opens with Psygnosis, a nine minute acidic techno stormer beaming from the pineal gland of the reclusive New Zealand artist Matthew Brown. The track starts out with a simple hook, building intensity towards a crescendo of raining acid lines and 808 hi hats which resemble unsheathing swords and twisting form into hypnotizing mayhem. On the B side, Draveng unleashes some comic mischief with Isogamous Skoliosapien, a frantic rave tune bursting out of the seams with jazzy drum hits and frantic chord stabs. It would be a good soundtrack for phantasms to dance to in a haunted place.

Closing out the EP is the propulsive electro missile Nonstop, a track that whips into the air and spins like a jet powered boomerang. It is is the first release from the Finnish cyber-phreek Sansibar. Expect more to come from him in the very near future.