Various Artists - Le Bord Du Disque

Various Artists - Le Bord Du Disque



12" Vinyl


The label Limbe discloses itself with its first release ‘Le Bord du Disque', a compilation of 4 French newcomers ready to take you on a journey between House, Acid and Lo-fi.

The Lyon-based trio Maisons Neuves kick things off with the track 'Hoikiuna', a seductive epic  written in homage to dolphins which dive straight in the middle of the ocean. The haunting and cyclic pads combined with the kicks wrap us up and make us lose all sense of space-time. 

Straight from Avignon, Name completes the A-side with 'Last Variation', a constantly evolving track juggling between Classic House and a sinuous psychedelic Acid. Over the course layers are overlaid which bring a variety of emotions that enhance the structure and keeps recalling us like a nagging drug on the rise.

The B-side starts with a slap and the title 'Sakuraï’ by S36 from Amiens. This mighty track shoot us off on the battlefield with its Acid melody and its sharp claps. Voluntarily erased pads complete the work by sending our brain far above, the separation of body and mind is in place.

It's the Parisian Puffin who gets to close the EP with 'How Fast Those Moments Flee' a track full of emotion that aim to continue the journey forever. The seductive vocals juggle with a guitar riffs and catchy percussion, writing a melancholy story that you do not want to escape.

Limbe is the natural evolution of the webzine All In Electro co-founded in 2012 by Robin Thomas, that has striven to give visibility to emerging talents from all over the globe.