Various Artists - Nightshade

Various Artists - Nightshade

Dionysian Mysteries


12" Vinyl

The artists featured on this release were carefully chosen in order to create an eclectic sonic journey. On the A side, two tracks from Playful Death, a producer whose sounds are influenced by comics such as BIOMEGA and The Invisibles.

The first track on the B side is from YXAN, which is Micheal Idehall's techno alias. Michael is a multi-talented artist who leads a publishing house called Belzebez that also features many of his own artworks and has had releases on prominent labels such as Ant-Zen. Next up is Necropants a producer who enjoys roaming around graveyards and and seeking out ancient burial mounds. The last track on the B side was created by Bellatrix? an up and coming producer from Verona, Italy who has recently released an excellent EP on the Veleno Viola imprint. Bellatrix? also heads a tape label called CULTO VERONA. All of the artists selected for this V/A embody what Nightshade represents, the devil is in the detail.