Various Artists - Pattern #1

Various Artists - Pattern #1

Pushmaster Discs



Pushmaster Discs presents a new various artists series called “Pattern”,with old and new artists signed on the label.
On the A side you can find a new artist italian producer V111,who released for label as LNDN White/EartoGround with a raw techno track, 909 infected rhythm and nice arp. The other track on the same side is a big hard groove tune by the label boss Mattia Trani, ”Centaurus” is a groovy beast with minimalistic detroit chord.

On the B side new artists AADJA from toronto,canada and e11011 from buenos aires,argentina with 2 killer dancefloor tracks. Last but not least a crazy Track by Milan based producer Grienkho,150 bpm powerful track “T-E-X” with rave/gabber influencer and hypnotic melodies.

This release comes out with transparent vinyl and limited copies of 150. Don’t miss this strictly limited project!