Various Artists - Sehnsucht

Various Artists - Sehnsucht



12" EP  

LYRE001 - Sehnsucht VA Compilation w/ Conrad Van Orton, VSK, Yanamaste and Nørbak

-Vinyl 12” and digital
each records comes with a written poem by label owner Valerio Polani-

“Sehnsucht", the first release of lyree, new born Berlin based label, is a VA made up of four artists who distinguish themselves in terms of sound, mood and style from each other.

Side A is entrusted to Conrad Van Orton and VSK.

Conrad Van Orton opens the release with "Due Di Marzo", a dance floor killer track defined by a futuristic style and an elaborate sound design able of transporting the listener on an inter dimensional journey characterised by contrasting feelings such as anger, desire to escape and revenge.

VSK with "Blue Methylene" return to his original style. Pure darkness. Aggressive industrial resonance. Metal and brainy synth interweave themselves with the powerful bass line to take out from the listener his sweatiest rave mood.

B1 is Yanamaste's "LSD". The Georgian producer delivers a cyber-punk journey through psychedelia, hypnotism and mesmerising loops. Perfect combination of Old School and Futurism. Pure energy for body and mind.

"Sehnsucht" closes with Nørbak's "Coping Strategies". Deepness, hypnotism, adventurousness. This track is a dance-floor gem able to catch the psyche of the listener with a soft hand and shaking his emotions through the frequencies of the sound.