Various Artists - Snare Tapes 001

Various Artists - Snare Tapes 001

Snare Tapes

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12" Vinyl

Module Werk kicks off proceedings with 'On The Verge', one of two tracks by the elusive Russian. Warm, yet brutal sound design underpins ascending chords, whilst percussion leaps in and out of the track to complement its narrative, before an acid-esque line, leads the way. A2 sees Drummond's next outing on vinyl, with 'Concentric Rinds'. Here the versatile producers track is centred around a bass line that has dynamic range from the playful to the wonderfully aggressive. Embedded underneath is a sonic remit that is as nostalgic sounding, as it is forward thinking. 

The second offering from Module Werk has more of a direct approach than his A1 track. A straight up acid line gets thrown around the track, while snares and kick drums dance directly with it. It's tension never wavers. The B2 side is by Leeds and Mint Club resident Bobby O'Donnell. His track 'Repartition' is circled around a warm bass line while stabs, synths and hi pitched melodies happily jostle with each other throughout the track. Rounding off an EP that has context at any time of the evening.