Various Artists - Spheres And Structures

Various Artists - Spheres And Structures

sonic moiré

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Cassette Tape

Deep listening, spatial imagery and floating introspection evoked by genres of ambient and electronica to enhance the immersive journey with rhythms of dub, bits of breakbeats plus erratic frequency rumbles and machine noises.

Originally intended as a modest collection of jams this work became very quickly much more powerful and substantial on an experimental and ambient level. Due to every artists individual style and sound aesthetic paired with an underlining agreement on what SOMO stands for, the label is reaching new musical spheres and structures. It is about diving into elements that have been established so far and widening this horizon while exploring them in collaboration with the creative orbit of the label. Family and friends accompanied by the newest entries of the SOMO crew.

This various artist sampler is available as a limited, elaborate tape version and is wrapped in a special hand-stamped see-through packaging including a coloured booklet, sticker & downloadcode for the release plus a prosaic note by f/oska.

It features artists that have released other works on sonic moiré before like Caldera (sonic moiré/Riviera Club/WNCL Recordings/Noorden), nnls (sonic moiré/Dusky Adriatic), redredred and KELMHO while introducing new faces like Daniel Cherney (Squareglass), Nazca (Empty Head Rich Heart), Fabian Tombers (Disturbing Noise) and untitled_artist.