Various Artists - The Midnight Manual

Various Artists - The Midnight Manual

Lobster Records


2 x 12" Vinyl 

A1. Hodge & Gramrcy - Barnohl
A2. Knutsson-Berg - Rymdhattens Resa
B1. Mark Forshaw - Power Grab
B2. Harmonious Thelonious - Iron Boat
C1. Amato - Joie Automatique
C2. INNSYTER - A Last Time For
D1. Thermocline - Turbine
D2. Terry Lamborgini - The Gurning Vineer

5 years since Midnight Shift’s first release in 2012, the label assembles a collective of artists, most of them are in advance of their full EPs releasing later. 

Representing the sounds of the label is this manual of secret moves, up in the sleeves. The mystic motley crew also comprises the alternate sides of familiar faces — Amato (The Hacker), Terry Lamborgini (Marco Bernardi), INNYSTER (Seixlack), Hodge in a new formation with Gramrcy, and an electro moniker from an undisclosed artist: Thermocline. From abstract acrobatics to the abrasive and the ultimate gob smack to the floor — The Midnight Manual.