Vick Lavender - The NiteFlyte "Jessie's Journey" EP

Vick Lavender - The NiteFlyte "Jessie's Journey" EP

Forbidden Dance



The first instalment of the Forbidden Dance Label is an organic brew of musicianship supervised by one of the Chicago deep house scene pillars - Vick Lavender. Three warm cuts are tinted with a jam feel showing Lavender's well-known ability to gather a different kind of music players and vocalist resulting in soulful sections that are cleverly breaking the usual and linear electronic music mould. "The NiteFlyte (Jessie's Journey)" is a closing track and a slow-burner riddled with spacey explorations of the keyboard. It gives almost 80's like feel beautiful integrating subtle synth envelopes and even marimba bits. A perfect deep rounder of this musically rich release. Hats off mr. Lavender!