Westcoast Goddess - Life Review

Westcoast Goddess - Life Review

Heart to Heart Records



Heart to Hearts 12th record comes to us by way of Berlin with Westcoast Goddess. Following up his heavily favorited "Springtime Forever' released earlier this year on Sweden's tasteful house imprint Omena Records. The Goddess will resonate well with house heads with love for the East coast house sound. Packed with punchy drum beats and full spectrum instrumentation, these tunes are designed to lift ones soul and turn any frown upside down.

The title track "Life Review" literally brings out the sun with string sections that relax even the hardest of humans, spreading love without even saying a word. "Strung out Ditty" hits us deep with its tracky vibe and unforgettable bassline, wrapped in progressive string sections. It builds you up from the inside out, taking your mind and feet to new levels. Capping off the record, "Death is A Door' and "I Guess I want a Family" will bring you right back to the streets of New Jersey with that classic deep house feel reminiscent of early Bottom Line releases and Tony Humphries productions.