Yan Cook - Dialogue

Yan Cook - Dialogue



12" Vinyl

Delsin Records' Inertia series is back with a powerful four tracker from Yan Cook. The producer from Ukraine has also released Delsin's main label and associated Ann Aimee, as well as Planet Rhythm and Cooked. He makes straight up techno that arrests your attention and does just that again here. 'Toucan' is first and is a spangled, underwater techno track with gurgling lines wrapping round shuffling percussion and insistent drums. It's one to get into your head, while 'Puffin' is more physical, with more warped synths and paddy drums woven together into a fluid, rippling groove that never lets up. The drums on 'Dialogue' are deep and land with real resonance while dubby chords rattling out to the horizon. Last of all 'Flamingo' is the most manic of the lot, with hi speed synths and booming drums all coming together to make for powerful, sub shaking and room filling techno madness.

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