Yardrock - Straight From The Yard

Yardrock - Straight From The Yard



12" EP


Ibiza Records has collaborated with Yardrock Productions to bring you this 4 track EP called 'Straight From The Yard Vol 1. We've gone into their back catalogue n picked choons that are reppin the 'Original London Jungle Sound' back in 2013-14. Yep those kinda choons that give that 'back a yard' feeling with reggae/rnb samples with strong jungle breaks n some sic heavy reggae basslines resonating the essence of jungle musik to make you wanna skip n hop, skank n jump... A. This track made in 2014 has both a reggae and David Rodigan samples on it with some dutty drum patterns n heavier leading basslines that reflect the jungle sound representing that upbeat jamaican vibez. AA. Rough n Rugged: This track produced in 2014 showcases a more rave feel with the whistles n sirens. The reggae sample giving that steppers vibez alongside jungle breaks n basslines AAA. Soundboy Killer: This track produced in 2014 has a classic Bitty Mclean reggae sample with that soundclash feel of yard. Heavy basslines, horns n drum patterns to kill any soundbwoy. With a slight soulful vibe with cymbals n flutes combining with jungle breaks AAAA. Wha Grawn Blud: This track produced in 2013 has a sic intro with the jungle breaks n vocals giving an upbeat n grimy tones n strong drum patterns that inter mingle up holding that authentic jungle london sound of modern day jungle.