Yasha - Max 95, Donnin'

Yasha - Max 95, Donnin'




Yasha is 28 year old Joe Gillick, who grew up immersed in the sounds of UKG & grime on the streets of South London. He founded Orphan. in 2015 with his friends Sage Redman and Billy Meddleton.


Inspired by overcoming anxiety and depression in the club, his sophomore a/b side pushes the UK textures he explored in OR001 even further. Max 95, Donnin’, a heavy techno-cum-UKG mover is anchored with a paranoid vocal line and healthy dose of Air Max homage, while Let Me Know, the experimental leaning b-side, chills the spine with an emotive synth lead and heavy distortion bass. Max 95, Donnin’ will be available digitally and for physical pre-order August 31, 2018.